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Grow your real estate portfolio fractionally.

About Us

3Blocks is a Florida registered real estate (RE) management company, who serve as a compliant bridge between RE and decentralized finance (DeFi). 3Blocks curates the vast American RE markets and present the best yielding properties to platform users. Platform users will have the flexibility to buy a portion of the properties and build RE portfolio overtime. 3Blcoks will manage tenants and everything related to RE while platform users enjoy the frictionless rent distributions. 3Blocks intend to offer multiple real estate DeFi services.

Services Provided

Contemporary Australian Home

Real Estate Management.

We offer end to end real estate management services such as curating a property, fixer upper, loans, fractional sales, maintenance, rent collection and rent distribution.

London Reflections

Decentralized solutions.

We enable property owners to access decentralized financial services such as loans, liquidity mining, yield farming, token swaps on web 3.0.

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