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Check out these trusted sources of real estate data before making your next investment


Getting a Zillow like real estate data is a challenge for companies who would like to serve real estate investors. Since there are multiple moving parts between buyer, seller, agents, title companies, county offices, there is no single point of truth.

Remember Zillow/Opendoor/Realtor.com data can be accessed through API's for personal use only but not for a business purposes.

After discussing with multiple impressive real estate data analysts and investors, we have stumbled upon few trusted data sources. Here is a list for large datasets, in case you would like to build any real estate specific businesses:


Fun fact -> There are approximately 140 Million homes in the USA and approximately there are 300 attributes for a given home.

Combining bits and pieces of data from above sources, helps realize a full picture for a given real estate market.

We at 3Blocks have a plan to democratize this data and make it available as and when we gather enough data sets for a given real estate market.

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