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We understand that you wish to make an investment only when you understand the process in and out. Here are some of the basic questions that can help clear your doubts. If you still have any further questions, we will be happy to answer.

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As the real estate is held in a limited liability company, you will receive a digital document stating the fractional ownership in this limited liability company.

No, you should be a resident of legally approved countries to invest in United States real estate through limited liability companies.

Yes! You can make your investment in dollars as well. However, you need to have crypto wallet to receive rents.

Yes, you can convert crypto to fiat using exchanges and withdraw to your bank account.


3 simple steps to invest on 3Blocks :

  • 1
    Choose the property
    Pick your choice of property from the wide range of options.
  • 2
    Invest fractionally
    Invest in real estate within seconds through fiat/crypto payment methods.
  • 3
    Receive rents
    Receive rental income directly in your crypto wallet.
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