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NFTs in real estate:
We have heard NFTs, Metaverse, etc thrown around with no example or context. Let us try and explore the possibilities of NFTs in real estate domain.

NFTs - Non-fungible tokens meaning a token that is not exchangeable to another token of same type. Ex: Seat #20 in a football stadium is not the same seat #21. These two bring different attributes, view angles etc. Non-fungible tokens are unique.

In real estate, what is unique is a sale deed, address, geo-location coordinates etc.

In the modern world of book keeping, we have an option to create digital deeds using NFTs. These deeds can be directly sent to an user's wallet. Once the deeds are in a wallet, there are various opportunities to be explored such as refinancing, collateralized loans, insurance, etc. Add metaverse into the game then the possibilities are endless.

Once we build a legal bridge between NFTs and county offices, these NFTs can be legitimately used across financial platforms. This is where 3Blocks comes into picture. We are building a compliant platform to bring real world assets to decentralized finance.

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