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Our analysis on the work from anywhere access trend


Last week we posted about #of hours worked by employees around the world and how it is decreasing over decades due to technology, robotics, etc.

Today we are looking at an access to "work from home" and an access to "work from home with benefits (Employee provided 401k match, IRA, PTO, etc)" historical charts.

No doubt, social media, muliti-sided marketplaces and business communications apps have given birth to a creator economy. This is showing up in the charts. More and more people are able to access work from anywhere environment and are not stuck to an office/city/state/country.

Due to an increased "work from anywhere" access, we believe that the following trends will grow in coming decades:

1) Corporation centered globalization will decline (trading between huge corporations/banks).
2) Community driven peer to peer transactions will rise and individual creators/small businesses will benefit the most.
3) Staycation over multiple locations around the world will be a new norm.
4) Investors and money savvy people will accept Income tax free countries/islands citizenship and staycation around the world.
5) Retirement and retirement benefits as we know will not look the same.
6) Tourism industry, mainly short term rentals/car rentals/ride sharing markets will grow.
7) Technology freelancers will earn equal pay around the world.
8) Children will have an access to better organized community driven online education systems than the systems driven by inefficient education boards.
9) Parents will enroll their children to multiple extra curricular clubs such as soccer, music, arts around their stayactions.

Many more disruptions are coming due to an access to work from anywhere and technologies such as defi, AI/ML systems.

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