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Travel Price Index(TPI) from 2019-2022

Since early 2021, everyone has experienced the burnt of an increased CPI (consumer price index). Since March 2020, Bitcoiners were alarming about CPI and inflation but bankers said: "it is the money we owe it to ourselves so why not print trillions to come out of the pandemic?". As it stands out, Bitcoiners were correct once again.

In today's post, we will discuss the TPI (Travel price index). This is one of the unspoken devils in the house which has a direct impact on America's vacations.

Here are some of the highlights of TPI:

1) TPI increased by 15.9% between 2019/2022.

2) Transportation (Uber, fuel, etc) increased by 30.9% during the same period.

3) Lodging (hotels/Airbnb) increased by an additional 10% between 2019/2022.

4) Food and beverages increased by 13.9% between 2019/2022.

5) Salaries and savings have ballooned for ONLY tech/consulting workers.

6) Salaries for government and blue-collar workers increased anywhere between 2 to 6%.

We at 3Blocks think the vacation trend would not grow as much as predicted by Statista from our earlier posts. TPI and labor shortages will cut into short-term vacations. This is the reason there is a need for an affordable rental option and this is possible through creative multi-sided marketplace design.

Here is the TPI chart for your reference:

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